Hoggs of Fife

For the very best in top quality country clothing that is made from the very finest materials that will be durable, tough, and weatherproof and will stand the test of time and the toughness of the outdoors, then you need to choose clothing from Hoggs of Fife.

Hoggs of Fife is a world renowned manufacturer of fine country clothing established in 1888 that is regarded by those living and working in the countryside as being amongst the very best clothing that you can buy.  Whilst their clothing may not be the cheapest on the market it is certainly one of the most durable brands and all their items that can be relied upon to perform in all weathers providing warmth and comfort even in the roughest of British weather conditions.  

If you are looking to buy clothing from Hoggs of Fife then there is not better online retailer than New Forest Clothing who offers a number of their items on their website at http://www.newforestclothing.co.uk/brands-1/country-clothing/hoggs-of-fife.html

One of their best sellers is the Hoggs of Fife Dirleton Tweed Waterproof Jacket which looks stylish and can be trusted to keep you warm and dry with its mixture of 60% wool and 40% mixed fibres for durability. It also features a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane layered between the tweed and the inside of the jacket that will withstand even the worst rainfalls.

To view the Hoggs of Fife range of clothing available from New Forest Clothing, simply visit their website http://www.newforestclothing.co.uk/. Alternatively give their friendly customer support team a call on 01725 520020.

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