Making High-Fashion Highly Sustainable

The ever-decreasing state of the environment is a talking point that causes much controversy and confusion. It appears that every type of business, including those in the fashion industry, have seen the highlighting of many issues in the production and manufacturing of certain materials that can be detrimental to our planet.


The furore surrounding the argument for the sustainable manufacturing of clothing has resulted in many companies taking note of the issue, being forced to accept responsibility and take a long hard look at the way in which the garments they sell are initially produced.


Our slideshare explains the issues surrounding this argument whilst also highlighting some of the key information regarding the fibres under fire and their chemical counterparts. The slideshare also gives information about key ways in which the fashion industry is trying to make a change in teaching people to question the sustainability of the products they buy. Finally, it shows how we as consumers can be savvier when shopping in order to help preserve our planet.





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