The New Fairer Sex: Why Men Are Spending More On Fashion

Arlington Sherwood Forest Mens JumperWomen have long been seen as the more fashion-forward sex, with the stereotypical idea of women obsessed with expensive clothes and accessories being a hard one to shake. However, it appears as though men are now spending almost as much as women on the more material side of fashion…


Men Spending More

The ‘metrosexual’ male has seen a rise in recent years, with the taboo surrounding well-groomed and well-dressed men seeing a decline as they embrace things such as waxing, manicures and other such things which may have been previously thought of as exclusively female. Men have caught up in the world of fashion too and are more willing to spend more per year on clothes and accessories to keep up with their female counterparts.


The “How We Shop Now” survey was conducted on over 3000 men and discovered that 41 percent of them would rather spend more money on a few high-end fashion products as opposed to spending a lot less for more items. This number, as opposed to the 34 percent of women who gave the same answer, demonstrates men’s desire to own more branded products and create a diverse wardrobe of upmarket items.


Metrosexual Men and Sustainable Fashion

The survey that was conducted found that many men have become more label-conscious which is a telling sign of the changing gender roles in today’s society. With men wanting to spend more on key items that will last longer, it echoes the objective of the “Love Your Clothes” campaign which is to decrease the amount of discarded clothing in order to help the environment and save money for the consumer. With retail giants such as Marks & Spencer and Next among its supporters, the campaign offers alternatives to throwing clothes away and hopes to make a big difference in the sustainability of clothing which will in turn reduce the number of poisonous chemicals being dispersed into the environment. New Forest Clothing’s slideshare gives more information on these issues, click here to find out more.


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