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New Forest / Comfortable cavalry twill trousers

Comfortable Cavalry Twill Trousers

It is not the easiest task in the world to find comfortable cavalry twill trousers.  Unless you have a pair in your wardrobe already (in which case, why would you be reading this?) you may be struggling.  But worry not, New Forest Clothing have done all the hard work for you, and tracked them down.

Made by Carabou, in an easy-care, quick-drying fabric that washes and wears well, these heavy weight cavalry twill trousers are very good quality and great value.  They have a traditional cut, with two deep side pockets and a back pocket, zip fly and belt.  They are available in six colours – brown, green, black, charcoal, mid-grey and beige, and in waist sizes from 32 inch up to 56 inch.  We also have them in 27 inch leg length, as well as the more usual leg lengths.

At £25 for one pair, or £20 each if you buy two, these comfortable cavalry twill trousers will be a great addition to your wardrobe without costing the earth.  Why not treat yourself to one or even a few pairs from New Forest Clothing?

For more information, or for detailed product advice, please call New Forest Clothing on 01725 520020,  email, or use the contact form on their website