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New Forest / Are our kid’s clothes safe from chemicals?

Are Our Kid’s Clothes Safe from Chemicals?

Kids Tweet JacketWe're proud at New Forest Clothing to have some fantastic kid's country clothing brands on our site, with a great selection of outerwear for your little adventurer. Our kid’s clothes are English-made too so we know what materials go in them, but it seems this isn’t the case for other major brands…  


We all want our children to get active and enjoy the great outdoors and as parents we are aware of the minor bumps and scrapes that can occur when our child is running wild, however it seems as though another big risk could be the clothes they wear.  The Guardian has reported on a new research study from Greenpeace revealing the startling facts about the chemicals outsourced textile companies use to make some clothes, and how they can be particularly harmful to children.


Greenpeace Study

Shocking evidence has been uncovered by environmental health charity Greenpeace which reports that thousands of hazardous and potentially life-threatening chemicals are being used in the production of brand name fashion products. In many countries such as China and South East Asia there are guidelines involved in the regulation of toxic chemicals but studies show a need for new boundaries to be set.  


What Does the Research Say?

Greenpeace stated in their report that some chemicals that have been widely used in the fabric and textile production industry have proven extremely harmful to mammals and can be particularly dangerous to the bodies hormone production and reproductive growth.  These chemicals react in different ways, but suggestions by Greenpeace that these chemicals can also affect children during growth have been confirmed by both the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Environment Programme.  They have both agreed that any hormone disrupters have the potential to be particularly detrimental to growing children.


What Can be Done?

Since the Greenpeace study was published in January 2014, it has been steadily gaining more media attention and it now appears as though some fashion houses are starting to take note. Whilst many textile producers believe that finding sustainable and safe alternatives to the chemicals already used is an expensive and laborious task some businesses have realised that getting ahead of the rest of the market is the way to go. High end fashion houses are now communicating with their textile companies - who are often based in developing countries - on a closer and more honest basis in order to find realistic and sustainable alternatives that are able to be used practically in their environment. Countries with large exports of textiles and fabrics are expected to begin implementing far stricter chemical blacklists which will contain many of the ingredients listed by Greenpeace in their study. This will allow a greater control over what is used and allow high end fashion to become safer for children and more ethically sound.


We are proud to stock a variety of excellent big brand outerwear not just for adults, but for the whole family too!  Brands such as Regatta, Sherwood Forest and Champion will help your kids look great and feel ready to embrace the environment and get passionate about the great outdoors and the exciting world they live in.



26th February 2014