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New Forest / Real size guides for real women

Real Size Guides for Real Women

Australian online clothing store Sizeable have introduced a pioneering new way of showing their clothes, using models with a variety of every day body types to sport their collections. Here we look at the pitfalls of online shopping and how this new technique may catch on and improve customers’ experience.


Model Behaviour

The idea of shopping online can have some people sighing; not having the clothes to try on can make it hard to decide if a particular item will suit your body type. Despite the worries, shopping for clothing online has become increasingly popular as people with busy lives look to it as a time-saving way to keep fashionable without having to make numerous trips to the high street. Sizeable differ from other online clothing stores in that customers have the choice to see clothes displayed on models of varying shapes, from the super skinny to the plus-size, making it easier for customers to visualise themselves in any particular look. This new approach is a step forward in allowing everyone to shop according to their own specific measurements - instead of ordering clothes in the hope that they will fit and suit you, consumers can be one step closer to knowing.


We here at New Forest Clothing are excited by these developments in the advertisement of clothing online. Promoting body confidence by allowing clothes to be seen on ‘real’ people as opposed to just the usual model types is a great way of gaining new customers, and keeping the old ones. We have an excellent delivery and returns service should you wish to change your choice of garment and even offer free returns on selected items.


Kids Tweed Shooting JacketKids’ Country Clothing

With the summer fast approaching, it’s natural to want to get out and about with the family. We stock an excellent range of kids clothing to keep your little ones wrapped up and ready to embrace the outdoors. The whole family is able to look fashionable whilst also adding trusted and well-established brands to your wardrobe, plus with such high quality manufacturers, you can be sure that whatever style you choose will last for a long time.


Currently, we have some gorgeous children’s outdoor jackets such as the Regatta Kids’ Packaway II Jacket, which comes in a variety of bright and vibrant colours, and the Kids Tweed Shooting Jacket to add a little more grown up style to your child’s look. With a wide range of clothing at competitive prices, you can be sure your family will enjoy looking good and feeling good in the great outdoors this season.


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