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New Forest / New wearable sculpture demonstrates our online vulnerability

New Wearable Sculpture Demonstrates Our Online Vulnerability

TechnologyWe at New Forest Clothing are always interested in any updates and developments in the material industry, however weird and wonderful they may be. The latest information to catch our attention is the creation of a wearable sculpture featuring material that appears and disappears depending on how often we are online.


What is the x.pose?

Created by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro G. C. Oliveira, the garment known as the x.pose has been created to demonstrate not just an innovation in terms of clothing but also a social message about how much time we spend online. As a wearable sculpture, it is primarily an artistic tool used to express an ideology that our society has become too entranced by our digital lives. The x.pose works by changing the opacity of the material in line with how much of a digital footprint is left behind the wearer. The more online information the wearer shares, the more transparent the material becomes, allowing users to see plainly just how much they rely on their tech by exposing the wearer. Symbolically, the designers wished to show how strong a connection we have with our digital selves whilst also showing how vulnerable we can be online.


Will it take off?

Although this particular sculpture has its basis in the art and innovation world, the message it conveys is not a new one. We have previously reported on another invention revolving around our love of technology; a signal-blocking outfit which allows the wearer to disappear from their online alter-ego by cancelling the signal of the wearer’s smartphones or tablets. It appears that as we become a more tech-obsessed society, the reach of inventions made specifically to highlight this point becomes further and further. With the x.pose, the idea is not to block out or stop people from creating an online footprint but simply to show how easy it is to feel naked online - with our every move catalogued with photos, status updates, check-ins and the like. With so much time spent making sure people know how busy we are, are we losing out on the world around us?


Getting out there with New Forest Clothing

We definitely think it is important to see the world around you rather than keeping heads down in phones and tablets! We make it easy to order excellent country clothing online and, with a wide variety of well-established and quality brands, we hope that it will be that much easier to leave the phone at home and get out and enjoy the countryside. With well-known brands such as Hoggs of Fife and Jack Pyke, and a selection of great kid’s country clothing, we can make sure the whole family looks and feels great. Smartphone? What smartphone?


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