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New Forest / New signal-blocking clothing aims to reconnect us with reality

New Signal-Blocking Clothing Aims to Reconnect Us With Reality

Social MediaWe are all guilty of spending too much time calling, texting and social networking during our busy lives, looking down at our phones rather than up to the skies. Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga is using signal-barring fabrics and aims to create clothes that give us an excuse to let our phones go, at least for a little while.


How Does it Work?

Morinaga’s designs, manufactured under the name FOCUS, are hand-crafted out of fabric which specifically reflects electromagnetic radio waves. After feeling pressured to maintain his technological lifestyle and being weighed down by the prospect of endless updating and posting, Morinaga had the idea to use special fabric for outerwear to protect not just from real weather, but also the digital storm we all experience.


Will it be Making an Appearance in Shops?

Sadly, no. This line was presented as part of an exhibition in Canada and is not expected for general sale anytime soon - but who knows what the future holds.


Fashion or Practicality?

Both! Morinaga intended the clothes to be not just practical but also fashionable; the fabric is futuristically silver too, a deliberate move in itself perhaps in that it contrasts with the idea of blocking out the futuristic technology we have become used to!


It appears these new designs echo thoughts from those who believe we are becoming disjointed from our face-to-face existence in favour of our online personas; perhaps these signal-blocking designs will inspire us to better embrace those rare moments of tranquility we get in today's 24 hour bustle.


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