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New Forest / In with the old… why we should start keeping our clothes for longer

In With The Old… Why We Should Start Keeping Our Clothes For Longer

Love Your Clothes CampaignWe all love to buy new clothes; purchasing a new in-style garment often makes us feel confident about our look and style. However, making way for new pieces of clothing often leads to throwing away perfectly good items, costing us an estimated £140 million a year according to The Guardian.  


What Happens To Our Old Clothes?

Currently, most of our unwanted clothes are discarded in the standard rubbish bins meaning they end up on landfill sites instead of being recycled. With the average consumer spending around £1700 a year on new clothes, it seems a waste to not get the most out of your old ones! At the moment, over 350,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in tips where it will remain for years whereas recycling or selling old clothes can benefit your pockets as well as the environment.


What Can Be Done?

Retail giants including Marks and Spencer, Tesco and Next have teamed up with fashion designers such as Stella McCartney to create the “Love Your Clothes” campaign to help raise awareness of just how many resources are being wasted due to the binning of perfectly wearable clothing. This campaign encourages people to mend and repair clothes that have been damaged rather than throw them away where they will end up causing more damage to the environment. The campaign asks people to dig deep into the depths of their wardrobes and, rather than reaching for the rubbish bag, requests that people find a way of “paying it forward [their clothes]” - just like the movie! Charity shops, for instance, make a huge amount of money from the sale of second-hand clothes, meaning that last year there was a potential £140 million that could have gone to a good cause, instead of going to the tip.  


How We Support Sustainable Clothing

We at New Forest Clothing understand the importance of sustainable clothing as a way of helping customers save money as well as helping the struggling environment. We appreciate how important it is to keep the countryside as beautiful as possible and pride ourselves on offering timeless country clothing pieces made in the UK and from the highest quality materials, intended to last a lifetime, and not end up in landfill.


To learn more about the “Love Your Clothes” campaign and take part - click here


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