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Outdoor Bodywarmers

Outdoor Bodywarmers are a great way of staying snug and cosy when the weather is having an off day, which is quite often in this country. They are ideal as they provide an alternative for when it is too chilly to wear a jacket but too warm to wear a full coat. With one of our Bodywarmers you will be ready for anything.

Available in many styles and colours, Bodywarmers focus solely on the middle of your body with no coverings on the arms. You can choose from designs with more or less padding depending on when you will wear yours most. They are ideal for a day of fishing or even just a stroll around the countryside. Here are a couple of our favourites right now:

1) The Sherwood Forest Kensington Gilet - This body warmer is waterproof and durable, it also has a lot of pockets making it ideal for sporting events.

2) The Regatta Inka Gillet - A fashionable and light weight bodywarmer, with numerous handy pockets. This is great for travelling with its light material.

Outdoor Bodywarmers really are ideal, offering a freedom of movement that average coats cannot provide. Visit our online store today.

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