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New Forest / Quality champion shirts

Quality Champion Shirts

If you are looking for quality Champion Shirts, then take a look at New Forest Clothing.  From the heart of the New Forest, this family-run business have brought you a great selection of Champion Shirts along with plenty of other fabulous quality country clothing.


Whether you’re after short or long sleeved, heavyweight or lightweight, or fleece lined shirts from Champion, you can find them all at New Forest Clothing.  And their prices are also extremely reasonable, so you can even buy several, without worrying about your budget.  If you want short-sleeved shirts, there are eight styles to choose from , all reduced to £9.95 at the moment.  All are polyester and cotton, making them very easy to wash and wear, and they won’t even need ironing if you hang them up straight out of the wash.  Each pattern comes in a range of colours, so you’ll have plenty of choice.  And if you’re still not sure the British summer is here to stay, there are plenty of long-sleeved shirts to choose from instead or as well!

For more information, or for detailed product advice, please call one of the team on 01725 520020,  email, or use the contact form on the website