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New Forest / Quality jack murphy jackets

Quality Jack Murphy Jackets

If you’re looking for a good quality Jack Murphy jacket, then you really don’t need to look any further than New Forest Clothing. They have shopped around to find the best value country clothing available, so that you know that you can rely on them to have great quality, great value products.

And at the moment, they have three Jack Murphy jackets available, all of which are reduced! If you’re looking for a wax jacket, then there is either the Sedgefield II jacket, for men, or the Cashmore jacket, for ladies. The fabric is softer and more supple than we’re used to in waxed jackets, making it more comfortable to wear, and also not at all smelly, as wax jackets were wont to be! They both have the water repellent coating that was the hallmark of wax jackets, together with plenty of pockets for hands and equipment. They’re lightly padded, to provide warmth without weight. The Sedgefield is just £89.95, reduced from £150, and the Cashmore jacket is £74.95, reduced from £145. Finally, if you’re after a quilted jacket, the Natalie jacket for women is also available, for just £69.95, reduced from £99.99.


For more information, or for detailed product advice, please call one of the team on 01725 520020,  email, or use the contact form on the website


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