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New Forest / Sherwood forest kensington jacket

Sherwood Forest Kensington Jacket

The best store to buy a new and fine quality Sherwood Forest Kensington Jacket is New Forest Clothing. This is family-run clothing business that is reputed for offering a wide selection of casual wear, countrywear and outdoor clothing suitable for any season. Founded half a century ago in the heart of the New Forest, at Humbys Farm, the business has been specializing in selling designer clothing brands like Sherwood Forest, Champion Outdoor Clothing, Regatta, Wrangler and Carabou.

Whether in search of comfort, style, durability or a combination of all, the Sherwood Forest Kensington Jacket on offer at New Forest Clothing never disappoints. Designed fashionably under great craftsmanship, this jacket perfectly blends comfort and elegance without compromising on the fabric’s high quality, making it the perfect outfit for the man dedicated to outdoor pursuits in all types of weather. It is cleverly designed to be warm in cold weather but not too warm in fair weather.

New Forest Clothing certainly lives up to its reputation as a leader in the clothing industry in the UK with the Sherwood Forest Kensington Jacket. The fabric of the jacket boasts a rugged durability and moisture-repellent qualities. It is a particularly popular material for making sporty men’s jackets because of its hardwearing durability, natural warmth and splendid performance.

At New Forest Clothing are all sorts of high quality clothes for both genders and all sizes. All the needs of the customers are guaranteed to be satisfied, as accessories such as gaiters, bags and wax chaps are also available. The store brings to the marketplace irresistibly fine quality clothing at affordable prices.

Whether you want designer clothes for men, women or children, New Forest Clothing brings convenience right into your living room via reliable online shopping and a fast phone service on 01725 520020.