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New Forest / Top tips for buying a shooting jacket

Top Tips for Buying a Shooting Jacket

It’s vital that no matter how many shooting jackets you have, that each one protects you from the cold and the wet. Being comfortable in your shooting jacket means that you can focus.

Here are some top tips for buying a shooting jacket:

Does brand matter to you? If so, make sure that if it’s a brand you have never bought previously that you try the jacket first. If it’s too loose or too tight it’s going to restrict the movement in your arms.

Try breathable fabrics that keep you from getting too hot or too cold on a shoot.


Typically, the British weather is unpredictable so think waterproof. Gore Tex is perhaps the most well-known though there are others available.

Always follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer to make sure your jacket is long lasting and won’t need replacing too soon.

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