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New Forest / Tweed shooting jackets from new forest clothing

Tweed Shooting Jackets From New Forest Clothing

There is a difference between fashion and style. Something that is fashionable is something that can be popular one week and then the week later, it can be forgotten about. Something that is stylish is something that never goes out of fashion. A good example of this is a Mini Cooper or in this case, a Tweed shooting jacket.

At New Forest Clothing, they have a huge range of Tweed shooting jackets that are of the highest quality and are guaranteed never to go out of style. With over 50 years of experience in the clothing industry, New Forest Clothing bring you the best quality clothing for the best price, including all of the top brands such as Jack Murphy, Jack Pyke, Sherwood Forest, Hoggs of Fife, Champion, Regatta, Wrangler, Carabou and many more.

All Tweed jackets are English made and available in a range of patterns, colours and sizes to fit all. New Forest pride themselves on their product knowledge, fast and friendly service and affordable prices. As you may know, Tweed is the traditional choice for country sports and outdoor hobbies so get yourself on to find yourself a jacket to suit your needs.