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New Forest / Waterproof breathable jackets from new forest clothing

Waterproof Breathable Jackets From New Forest Clothing

When working in the great outdoors or enjoying country sports such as horse riding, walking, shooting or fishing you are more than likely going to encounter a spot of rain.  So to keep dry and warm until the showers pass  you would be well advised to invest in a waterproof breathable jacket from specialist country clothing retailer New Forest Clothing who through their online store offer some great deals on waterproof jackets that are perfect for protecting yourself from the worst of the British weather.

New Forest Clothing is a family run business that has been operating for over 50 years from its retail outlet located in the heart of the New Forest at Humby’s Farm.  They recently opened up an online store to offer their superb range of country clothing to internet shoppers which has proved to be a roaring success as they offer the very best quality clothing from well-known brands such as Regatta, Sherwood Forest, Champion Outdoor Clothing, Carabou and Wrangler at fantastic prices.

When you buy a waterproof breathable jacket from New Forest Clothing you are making a real investment for your outdoor life. These jackets are designed to be stylish and easy to wear yet are robust with a water-repellent finish that will stop any rain from seeping in and compromising the dryness of their interior and warmth.  The interior of these jackets is lined with a special breathable membrane that allows body heat to escape so avoiding that clammy feel that you get with some rainproof jackets.

New Forest Clothing offer a wide range of waterproof breathable jackets for men and women at great prices from various manufactures such as Regatta, Champion and Sherwood which can be viewed on their website Alternatively give their friendly customer support team a call on 01725 520020.