OUR BRANDS: Jack Wolfskin

OUR BRANDS: Jack Wolfskin

Over 40 years in the Making

Founded in 1981, Jack Wolfskin sought to change the way we explore the outdoors. Believing that anyone with a passion for adventure should feel free to enjoy nature regardless of their financial background, Jack Wolfskin established itself as a respected manufacturer.

The company was founded by Ulrich Dausien, who originally started selling his products at a flea market. In 1993, the first ever Jack Wolfskin store was established in Heidelberg, Germany and since then, the company has grown exponentially.

Now, Jack Wolfskin is home to around 1,440 employees from all over the world and is one of the biggest suppliers of outdoor clothing and equipment from sleeping bags, tents and more!



The Mission

Jack Wolfskin's philosophy is simple: "We Live to Discover". The brand is built around joy for the outdoors, encouraging travellers to embrace their adventures into the unknown. Because of this, the Jack Wolfskin brand prioritises high quality and adaptability in its clothing and equipment, offering protection against harsh weather with their waterproof jackets and slip-resistant boots. Jack Wolfskin understands that outdoor enthusiasts need to be ready for anything.

Part of Wolfskin's mission is to also protect what we have around us, firmly believing that there is nothing more important than fairness, environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility.

Adamant that their success is not tarnished by going the extra mile for the environment, Jack Wolfskin takes pride in the fact that all their products are free of PFC, nanoparticles and real animal fur, and many are made using recycled materials.

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