Country Clothing Icons - Tattersall Shirt

Country Clothing Icons - Tattersall Shirt

Tattersall is a cloth design that has long been one of the most loved in traditional men's shirts. If you haven’t heard the term before, Tattersall shirts are extremely popular - you may even own one. These shirts consist of a simple pattern; two or three colour stripes crossed over a plain background colour making for an an immediately recognisable, and stylish shirt.

A Brief History of Tattersall Shirts

The neatly spaced checked colours of tattersall cloth is named after the horse market founded in 1766 by Richard Tattersall, derived from the brightly coloured check pattern on the horse blankets. The distinctive patterns started to be woven with cotton for use in shirts and the robust construction and attractive patterns made them ideal for working shirts.

Tattersall shirts where soon adopted by agricultural workers and by the late nineteenth century, tattersall had become the natural shirt to partner tweed suits, worn by gentleman venturing into the country. To this day Tattersall is immediately recognisable and remains a ever-present part the English country-style wardrobe.

Qualities and Uses

The men’s Tattersall shirt has long been a favourite at NFC for their warmth, durability, and style. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a full three piece tweed suit and tie, to wear underneath your favourite Sweatshirt for an effortless, polished touch, or even when paired with a good pair of Jeans and Chelsea Boots for a man (or woman) about town.