Your adventure is Musto’s challenge

Built on 50 years of engineering cutting-edge performance apparel, Musto are the world’s leading sailing brand and a British leader in shooting and equestrian sports - using the same fabric technology that protects ocean racers, to keep you dry and comfortable. 

Musto are British from the beginning, but their clothing and accessories are designed with an international outlook so you can be active in all climates, on all terrains, anywhere in the world. Whether you are in the saddle, shooting or practicing any outdoor activities, Musto performs so you can too.

How it all started

Keith Musto arrived in Tokyo for the British Olympic sailing squad of 1964. Keith and his crew realised that their only chance of winning gold was to be fitter than their opponents. Every day they did fitness training while their fellow competitors derided their training as unsporting. Musto recalls, "We sailed in Guernsey sweaters and old flannel trousers for years. You got wet and you accepted it. He realised that this was a problem that needed to be solved.” So, after taking the sailing world by storm and winning silver in Tokyo, he set about producing ground-breaking technical sailing apparel.

An old WWII hut in Essex served as the beginning of everything. They started out making sails with Edward Hyde under Musto & Hyde Sails. But Musto soon shifted his focus to constructing technical sailing clothing. Then in 1980, Keith split from Musto & Hyde. His team quickly became the technical manufacturer and wholesaler of the best sailing kit available. Musto was born.