A Proudly Canadian Story

Forty years ago in on a windy day in Canada, a clever thought popped into Alex Tilley’s head which had everything to do with what was on Alex Tilley’s head - a sailing hat that was just not cutting it. Back on land Alex Tilley got to work creating a hat that would be ready for any weather and adventure, durable, and brimming with style.

Alex emerged with what would become the very first Tilley – the hat that started it all.


Designed in Canada since 1980

Today, Tilley honour the tried and true. It takes 23 pairs of hands to make a Tilley Hat, a precise and practiced process. All Tilley Hats are designed in Canada, and wherever possible, they are manufactured there, too. This includes using the best materials, leading with innovation and honouring quality craftsmanship.

Some Tilley Hats are produced by quality partners outside of Canada in order to keep up with demand and to take advantage of certain sustainable processes - such as the incorporation of recycled materials - that aren’t yet viable within Canada. No matter where a Tilley Hats are made, high standards are maintained!