Carcinogenic Dye Found in Australian Kids and Ladies Clothing – Items Recalled

Thousands of items of clothing for children had to be recalled in Australia last week after the governing body for the safety of manufactured fabrics found levels of a potentially dangerous carcinogenic dye.

The Situation

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) recommended to governing body, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, that items - including clothing and bedding - be tested for hazardous chemicals. This resulted in the recall of two lines of women's jeans and three lines of children's trousers from clothing store Target. Since hearing about the possible dangers of aromatic amines, also known as Azo dyes, the ACCC has recalled over 120,000 items of clothing and bedding from stores across Australia.


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Although the synthetic dye in questioned is widely used, certain levels can result in the breakdown of the dye into carcinogenic chemicals which can be hazardous to the health of people and animals. The commissions who tested the fabrics said they do not believe this is a widespread problem, however a number of large Australian companies have had certain items tested to prevent further recalls; these companies include Trade Secret, Just Jeans and pillowcase manufacturer Pillow Talk. We have previously reported on the dangers of using chemicals in the production and manufacture of clothing, however this latest scare is highlighting the need for further testing of fabrics and the possible problems that can occur.


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