OUR BRANDS: Deerhunter

OUR BRANDS: Deerhunter

The great outdoors, freedom and excitement all rolled into one

For hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, it is important that the clothing is wind and waterproof, breathable, and is adaptable to the surroundings, the type of hunting, the vegetation and the terrain. Deerhunter develops and designs apparel based on the latest technologies, and each garment’s properties are tested in relation to the climate, durability and functionality.


How it all started

Deerhunter is part of the family-owned textile company F. Engel, which was established in Denmark in 1927. The age-old sport of hunting had long been a passion for the family, and in 1985, their passion was combined with the extensive clothing-manufacture experience. The result was Deerhunter, a hugely popular hunting and outdoor leisure brand.

Today, the brand is represented in more than 40 markets worldwide, and in 2009, Deerhunter was granted a royal warrant as a Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.


Functionality is the most important parameter for a successful hunt!

Deerhunter apparel is designed to be used for all types of hunting, in different types of vegetation and in varying climatic conditions.

High-tech membranes offer a high level of water penetration resistance, wind resistance and breathability - and strong protection against wear. They incorporate padding in their hunting apparel which provides effective insulation and chooses the surface treatment that best matches the conditions under which the hunting apparel is likely to be used.

All so hunters can focus on what is important – enjoying the great outdoors.

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