Caring for your Wax Jacket

Caring for your Wax Jacket

What is a wax jacket?

Originally made from Scottish sailcloth, wax jackets where made popular in the 18th century. The wax treated garments quickly became favoured among sailors, game-keepers and farmers and were even worn by the British Navy. The durable and water resistant qualities of waxed fabrics make them ideal for country wear to this day.

The wax treatment makes the cotton fabric water-resistant, and shower-proof while remaining breathable compared to the rubberised alternatives available at the time. Resisting the weather, thorns, scuffs and being repairable and re-waxable are excellent qualities for farming & fieldsports and as a result the popularity of waxed cotton among country folk has not dwindled.

Due to the nature of waxed cotton jackets, They do require cleaning and re-waxing to maintain their weatherproof finish. We recommend cleaning twice a year and reproofing once a year, dependent on the amount and the nature of wear.


Cleaning your wax jacket

  1. Lay your wax jacket flat on a plastic sheet or bin bag.
  2. Brush off any dried on mud, dirt or dust with a brush.
  3. Using a clean, damp sponge and cool water, clean off any remaining dirt, trying not to get the jacket too wet.
  4. Ensure that you clean in any folds and crevices.
  5. Turn the jacket over and repeat the previous steps.
  6. Leave your jacket to air dry on a hanger.
  7. Never machine wash, tumble dry or dry clean your wax jacket as this will damage your jacket and your machine.


Reproofing your wax jacket

  1. We recommend first cleaning your jacket as described above.
  2. Lay your wax jacket flat on a plastic sheet or bin bag.
  3. Using a wax spray, a bar or a tub of wax apply the wax evenly to one side of the jacket using a cloth or sponge.
  4. Ensure that you apply the Wax into all folds and crevices
  5. When one side is completed, flip the jacket over and repeat on the other side.
  6. Once finished, hang the jacket up somewhere where it is not touching anything else.
  7. gently apply heat using a a hairdryer for a minute or two to help the wax sink in, but avoid getting the jacket hot.
  8. Leave the jacket to dry for a day or two and make sure the wax has set fully before wearing it.

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