SPOTLIGHT ON: Baleno Kensington Ladies Longer Length Jacket

SPOTLIGHT ON: Baleno Kensington Ladies Longer Length Jacket

A bestseller at New Forest Clothing, the Baleno Kensington is a practical, but stylish ladies longer length coat.

Designed to finish mid-calf on a woman of average height, providing the best length for practical weather protection without the coat restricting movement. The fit is shaped for a tapered feminine silhouette that is both comfortable and easy to wear, whilst avoiding the unflattering, square look of inferior alternatives.



Smart and practical, the Kensington combines a waterproof, breathable fabric with stylish good looks and functional design to produce an adaptable coat for town and country. Rigorously tested by Baleno to meet exacting standards of vapour transmission/breathability and full waterproofness.

Also available in a mid length Chelsea knee length coat.

Best purchase for a long time. Supposed to be my Christmas present but couldn’t wait that long to wear it!

The style is derived from the classic Australian outback Drover's riding mac or 'Duster' coat, a design that has proven its worth over many years, a style that Baleno have updated and refined for a more feminine fit employing modern waterproof fabric. True to its heritage the Kensington makes a perfect riding mac, whilst the waterproof spec also makes this adaptable coat ideal for a wide range of country activities, and is highly popular with dog walkers. Equally the Kensington’s smart appearance means you won’t feel out of place around town.

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