Clay Shooting in the Off Season - what to wear

Clay Shooting in the Off Season - what to wear

Spring has sprung and temperatures are on the rise. Whether you are a crack shot out in the field or a total newbie, it’s a great time to find a Clay Ground in your area and have a crack at simulated game shooting. Clay Pigeon Shooting is highly enjoyable, accessible and particularly popular with people living in towns, or have less time to enjoy their sport, or for those looking to improve their shot in the Off Season.

You can cast your tweeds, field jackets and breeks aside for Clay Shooting. Attire consists of clothing which allows the wearer to move freely - you will need to be able to move, point your gun upwards and turn with minimum restriction. Baggy clothing is also unsuitable as it has a tendency to catch or cause your gun to slip. Depending on the time of year and what the classic British weather decides to throw your way, dress accordingly!

Layering is often the best policy so you can add or remove as the temperature changes throughout the day. A t-shirt is fine although most will opt for a polo or tattersall shirt.

Fleece gilets are ideal to wear on top of your shirt or if you shoot clays regularly, you may want to invest in specific clay shooting vest or skeet vest, which tend to include recoil pads and cartridge pockets. 

If you are clay shooting in colder weather you will probably also need a warmer, outer layer such as a Fleece, coat or jacket. Whichever you choose, ensure the fit is god and does not restrict movement.

A baseball cap is a good way to keep the sun out of your eyes or if you are follicley challenged off your head too. You can wear jeans or chinos on a clay shooting ground and as most tend to shoot clays in the spring/summer months, shorts are perfectly acceptable too. Properly soled footwear is standard such as walking boots or wellies and useful accessories include a cartridge or shooting bag to carry your cartirdges as well as ear and eye protection and gloves.

These are the key essentials when it comes to clay shooting, but you can find our full range of Clay Shooting products here.

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