Introducing Pampeano - Handmade Leather Belts & Accessories

Introducing Pampeano - Handmade Leather Belts & Accessories

Inspired by South America’s rich heritage of traditional leather work

Pampeano began by sourcing the finest leather polo equipment from local artisans, working closely with them to develop refined leather pieces that were unique, and inspired by the landscape and cherished artisanal techniques.

Pampeano, meaning “from La Pampa”, a wild region of Argentina, is renowned for its stunning, panoramic views and sun-drenched estancias; the region where pampeano was founded, and where our luxury leather accessories are still hand-made today.


Commitment to quality

Today, pampeano’s exquisite, traditionally made, quality leather goods are treasured by those that appreciate the simplicity, beauty and freedom of the South American lifestyle.

Pampeano’s master artisans hand craft is incorporated into each product, hand-woven with the finest wax-dipped saddlery threads available, in a meticulous, painstaking practise which has been passed down within families for generations and taking up to five hours per piece.


Borne from tradition

Vegetable-tanned and tumbled in a lengthy and traditional process passed down through generations using natural dyes which creates exquisite, butter-soft results in the luxurious leather which last for many years to come.

Pampeano retains quality and traditional craftsmanship at its heart; from the iconic luxury leather polo belt for which they are known world-over, to their seasonal ranges updated yearly to reflect the ever-changing world of fashion. The "pampa diamond" is a seal of quality trusted by people across the globe.

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